Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Let's talk for a second about something that a lot of us have to put up with: commuting (picture courtesy of this site). Commuting is one of those simple little things that just about everyone has to put up with sooner or later, be it for work, school, or whatever. It's not as frustrating as online homework, but it's still not very enjoyable. It's just one of those little irritants that you just have to withstand every now and then.

We all know the procedure: get in car, drive to destination, try not to lose mind in process. I don't know if it's like this for other people, but I absolutely hate driving. Hate. And every time I have to commute, I feel a little bit of myself slipping away ever steadily into the gaping maw of insanity. To that end, I have composed a short list of simple activities you can enact to try to make those commuting hours as bearable as possible; enjoy!
  • Play "Spot the Tree"; every time you see a tree, you scream. With so many trees around here, you'll be so hoarse that you won't even care about that boring commute any more!
  • Wave at the people who pass you in the opposite direction. Give yourself a point for everyone who waves back. Works best for carpools of three or more.
  • Count the reflective bumps on the road. See how many are still there and how many have come unglued. You'll be so nauseatingly sick of this game that you won't be able to contain your excitement to reach your destination!
  • Just turn on the damn radio. Maybe you'll get lucky and a station will play I Heard it Through the Grapevine, and a little CCR can only make your day better

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